Scholastic Challenge

Fueling Our Children's Education

At Scholastic Challenge we provide schools with complete fundraising solutions that bring communities together through fun, and professionally organized events.

We've combined our expertise in fundraising, event management and physical fitness to create highly efficient and profitable events that allow schools to meet their annual fundraising goals in just one event.

We bring the know-how to make it happen.

You bring the participants.

It's that easy.

Our Mission

Community Fundraising

Scholastic Challenge's mission is to provide schools with fun, highly efficient community fundraising events that promote physical fitness. We enable educators and parents to focus on their children's education by providing fundraising solutions that allow schools to consolidate their efforts and raise more money by creating a new donor base while maximizing their current donor base for scholastic purposes.

Our Story

Children First

In 2008, after 15 years of fundraising for children, a group of parents were tired of the status quo and believed there was a better way to serve schools. As school district budgets were being slashed due to the economic recession and instructional standards began to falter, it was clear that increased financial support from the private sector was needed to support and maintain California's premier primary education system.

Working collaboratively with family and friends, leveraging their background in software, event management and physical fitness, Scholastic Challenge was created; a complete fundraising solution that can work with a single school or an entire school district for a single event to leverage sponsorship and volunteers, utilizing online fundraising software tied to social networks, with automated fundraising guidance and event management. At Scholastic Challenge our goal is to increase funding for all schools, gain greater fundraising participation and build stronger community awareness, while decreasing educator and parental fundraising efforts.

Our Services

Experience and Simplicity

Scholastic Challenge provides a complete solution that allows districts and schools to meet their fundraising goal in a single event. We provide you with the tools and resources needed to attain strong event participation to increase your fundraising potential. Participants use our exclusive Scholastic Fundraising Software to raise funds online from friends, family and through social networking sites.

Our experienced team of sales, event management and physical fitness experts can handle every detail, from obtaining corporate sponsors to facilitating all event logistics and day-of coordination.

It's our mission to ensure you have a successful event and raise the money needed to provide your children with the best learning environment possible.